One Color Hammock


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Product description

(1) hammock (L x W):270 x 140cm

(2) Made from 210T parachute nylon fabric with super strength, Max load can reach up to 200kg

(3) Portable design for more convenient packing & carrying, can be folded into the attached pouch

(4) Durable, washable & breathable, comes with hooks and guy ropes for easy installation

(5) Great for snoozes after lunch; Typically used under trees, on the patio or at the seaside

(6) This hammock provides a cooler rest than a stuffy tent does, what’s more, gets rid of those dangerous small animals like snakes and scorpions; Highly recommended for camping and tour pal riders

(7) Warm Notes: Make sure the ropes are tightened enough before lying down!

Package weight: 0.520 kg

Package Contents: 1 x Parachute Nylon Fabric Hammock, 2 x Hook Holder, 2 x Guy Rope




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